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project. >> yes, commissioner secretary avery: the motion on the floor is to not take discretionary review and approve the project. on that motion -- [roll-call vote] secretary avery: that motion fails on the 3-1 vote, with commissioner olague voting against. commissioners, and the absence of a successful motion, this project will be approved as proposed. president miguel: thank you. secretary avery: commissioners, you are now at general public comment. members of the public may address you of interest to the public. president miguel: is there any general public comment on items not on the agenda? not appearing, public, is closed. -- public comment is closed. this hearing is adjourned. secretary avery: thank you. [indistinct voice on p.a.] announcer: when charles bennett graduated from high school, he dreamed of returning to his old neighborhood as a teacher. but without the money for college, only half his dream came true. [car horn blares] he's back in the old neighborhood. please support the united negro college fund. because a mind is a terrible thing to waste. oh, my goodness! steve!
this was pertinent to get your point of view on this. avery, begin with you, how often is this state secret privilege actually used. >> used in numbers of very important high-profile cases, fredricka. this is especially significant because al awlaki is a very powerful cleric advocating jihad. what the. >> is arguing is that because of al awlaki is a citizen of the united states, you can't kill him without a hearing, a notice, a fifth amendment right under our bill of rights. it's a fascinating case. but i think what's going to happen is that the federal court will never get to the issue of state secrets. why? simply because the suit brought by his father is going to be challenged as not having standing, meaning that he doesn't have the right to bring the lawsuit in the first place. >> okay. so richard, now i'm wondering, the obama administration says going forward with this case would mean the disclosure of highly sensitive information. they don't want that to happen. what court would make this decision whether, indeed, the government is making a good argument to have this father's case dismissed? >>
-6 inches away and state and spell your last name for the record. roll call -- [ roll call ] linda avery: commissioner oh log gee is here. item one is case 2006.0848 he, for 23-34 doll lores are street, for continuance to september 2, 2010, item 212010.01 p 2d for 1027 hayes street, proposed for continuance to september 2nd, 2010, and commissioners, the first item, item number 7, 2001-.0054 u, personal wireless permit ordinance, this item is being proposed for continuance, to september 2nd, further on the calendar, item 9, case number, 2009.046d, i have been informed that the dr on this item has been withdrawn and this mat are is no longer before you for consideration, with that i am not aware of any other item on calendar proposed for continuance. president miguel: any public comment? if not it's closed, commissioner borden? commissioner borden: i move to continue the items to september 2nd. >> second. linda avery: thank you, commissioners, on the motion for continuance of items 1 and 2 as proposed on calendar and item 7 -- [ roll call ] linda avery: thank you commissioners those items
at it with avery freyn, and rich avery. >> hi, fred. >> a $7.4$7.4 billion fund that congress is considering, and this would help take care of any mecal problems that many first-responders have been complaining about. however, it is hung up. where are we on this? do they have any legal recourse? >> well, there are a multitude of avues which first responders who were injured in the rescueeffortshave, but the fact is it's too long, tedious, expensive. the wonderful thing about the proposed legislation, fredricka, is that the -- not only will they be compensated and have free health care, but often lawyers will take a chunk of their money. under this legislation, legal fees will be limited to no more than 10%. this $7.4 billion legislation is so important. it went up in smoke because of a rules battle injuly, but we heard carolyn maloney that as soons they return next toweek, they're going to start this up, avoid the rules battle, go straight to a majority, and i think we're looking at success. >> are you looking at a partisan battle, however? or is this one of those issues that you don't have
was quite impressed the way staff handled it. secretary avery: commissioners, if motion on the floor is for approval on initiation. commissioner antonini. >> aye. >> commissioner moore. >> aye. >> commissioner sugaya. >> aye. >> commissioner miguel. >> aye. secretary avery: commissioners, you are now on item 15, case 2007.1457e for 1050 valencia street. this is a premier of a preliminary mitigated negative declaration. >> good afternoon, commissioners. jeremy bettis, environmental analysis section. the item is the appeal of the preliminary mitigated negative declaration and i appear you before this item and the proposed project at 1050 valencia street in the context as the it interfaces with properties on hill street and the historic district and this analysis has been provided within the amended mitigated negative declaration which you will find in your packets. it sheds additional light on the historic district settings, origins and telling the history of san francisco and provides an additional appraisal of the pr posed project and whether the introduction would materially impair
tenant. secretary avery: if the president has called her name already, come to the microphone. president miguel: absolutely. >> thank you. my name is nicole. thank you, my name is susie. i am the president of the children's commission. i understand how much fun you are having right now. i am also here as the rector of child development center at cpmc. i am a pediatric psychologist, and we had over 17,000 visits of children from the bay area and the city and county of san francisco. i think it is important to note that our center is a developmental center for children and adolescents, and we see every child and family regardless of their ability to pay. consequently, with the 17,000 visits, we have over 350 families on the waitlist for developmental care. as well as where we are located is currently on van ness. that is a clinic at st. luke's hospital, and we have another clinic in bay view at the bayview pediatric clinic to serve that community. our work has gone on for approximately 10 years. we have partnered for pediatric services with the academy, st. anthony's foundation, as well as
or closed section. and then finally, people don't realize that linda avery has been very good to me, very good to the commission and has actually geared us, sometimes we get out of line, to bring us back and focus on what really matters. with that, in my last meeting, i want to thank my fellow commissioners. i have had a good time, even though vice president olague is not here for me to ring her neck, so thank all of you, and especially the public. [applause] president miguel: commissioner antonini? commissioner antonini: and i will way in on my sorrow in bill no longer being with us on the commission. his presence has, in fact, left san francisco a better place during the eight years he was here. and he plight, since this is his last time. i will just make a clarification from last week, that bill will appreciate although i can't speak for him. we had a discussion that was misrepresented about subsidies on san francisco housing. actually i was talking about the percentage of san francisco housing that was under some kind of control. and to the extent these controls may be necessary and v
as avery just said. but isn't it a dangerous precedent? this guy is on a kill or capture list, and his father is saying, look, let's just stop at this point in time and get a little due process here. just because allegations are made about his criminal activity, don't we need to vet it and litigate this? aren't we entitled to discovery? can the government be wrong? what happens if they're wrong and kill this guy? i don't know these answers but this is the united states, and it seems contra to our values and laws that a mere allegation can result in a perhaps kill list. >> how long will this process last? how long before the federal court determines whether indeed the department of defense has a good argument here? richard, you first. >> i think this is going to move very quickly, fred. i think maybe 60 to 90 days this is going to be disposed of. >> avery? >> i totally agree. this is high priority, dealing with national security. the court's got to move right now. >> avery freeman and richard herman, thanks again. a case that is certain to be in the news in the coming days. al awlaki wa
are very happy. there is avery festive atmosphere he. they're certainly hoping for a victory tonight, and right now their numbers are looking very good. i'm dcy spencer reporting live from largo. we'll send it back to you. >> thanks, darcy. >>> we return now to the republican candidate for county executive. douglas rosenfeld appears to have a substantial lead over his opponent, vovak. >> there is a lot more still ahead tonight on news4 at 11:00. a heavyweight set in maryland. >>> a woman died after being hit by a car in one of the busiest maryland areas. >>> he also worked as an fbi informant. >>> great day today, but will it stay that way through the rest of the work week and what about the weekend? the forecast, i'll have it for you. >>> he's no stranger to controversy. today the redskins running back made me comments on the radio that he probably would li hey, ove, i'm goa need a bank. any ideas? capital one bank. they're everywhere. ♪ yeah, you're right! [ horns honking ] hey, the's one right up the street. [ male announcer ] capital one bank. the most branches and atms in the
mismos problemas falta de entrenamiento el hecho que los oficiales disparan primero y avery guano despuaver >> testigos dijeron que amenaza para otras mujeres. t al llegar los oficiales en inglés y en español le ordenaron que tirara el arma en vez se lanzó contra uno de ellos y le disparó. >>>carlos: acá han puesto velas y dejado muchos mensajes este llama a los policías asesinos. >> lamentablemente hubo un grupo que sdon skwedesconocer de dónd dónde apareció incitando a la violencia, en los Ángeles, carlos botifoll, telemundo. >josé: en nueva york un grupo de padres protestó contra la policía uno dicen que los castigan y otra arrestarlo sin justificación. >>>isolda: un día antes del inicio de clases padres e estudiantes decían que a la escuela se va aprender no a ser arrestado. utilizan como ejemplo el caso de alexis gonzález una estudiante de 13 años que en febrero del año pasado fue arrestada en pleno salón de clases por escribir en su pupitre con un marcador. >> la trataron como una criminal, le pusieron esposa, la hicieron cruzar, la humillaron y a mi >per
, avery freedman and richard herman. good to see both of you professors. >> yeah, look at that the last of the summer white. wow. >> this is my last shot at white. after labor day you are not supposed to do it. >> i don't like that rule. it is making getting dressed complicated. >> sheriff joe says i'm not going to cooperate, i've done my part and so richard, what is in store for him? he is supposed to hand over documents and says i've done everything i've been asked to do, be gone justice department. >> well the civil rights division of the justice department has sought information from him concerning the way he operates his office and does these types of raids out there. he is saying that i have complied and his attorneys are saying and we'll continue to comply. so the federal government got upset and brought the lawsuit i have a copy of it here and what it asks for is to have the court compel the sheriff to provide the documents now. if the court does that and they will, and he fail to comply, i'm sure they will hold him in contempt of court. >> do you believe there is a connection b
who this is -- this is 4-year-old avery. >> avery is on the side. >> there she is. this is 4-year-old avery with a big prize she won at king's dominion. >> and looking so cute. >> look at that beautiful smile on her face. >> i wonder how she got it home. because we were just down there at king's dominion and the funniest thing was in the parking lot for everyone to stuff these prize news their parking lots. >> might have to tie that one to the roof. >> mom and dad will get it home just fine. >> with those little pigtails she is cute. >> super cute. to send us your child's picture, go to myfoxdc.com. and i've never won an animal at any of those. one day. >> it will get better. >> i'm a little bit upset about it. i put a lot of money into it, steve. >> keep trying. you'll get that ring around the about thele sometime. >> that's what they tell me. >>> let's get to the weather. and we have fog out there out to the west. dense fog advisory until 9:00 this morning and some cool temperatures, fall-like out there. 57 in frederick. 57 in wincheste
of the computer models kia taking it to the st coast. it will have avery, very large wave swells and rip currents. now that we're out of vacation season, hopefully it won't cause as many problems. forecast around the country, looking at dreary weather still this morning from boston providence, hartford to new york, this afternoon should be just fine. as we go along the deep south, this is where the heat remains. they wouirld love cooler air it would be hot today in texas, coastal areas of georgiali, sou carolina will be very much on the warm side. here's a look at some of those pesky showers lingering out here on long island, an some showers rolling through the adirondacks, the white and green mountains of vermont and new hampshire. the forecast for today, cloudy and cool this morning.ay this afternoon will be okay in new york. bost today around 68. northern plains looks good. here is that hot weather, denver to dallas all the way through florida. i guess the good news is that we won't see the big storms heading our way, veronica. we had lot of powerful hurricanes this season already,y but they'v
president, dr. reginald avery hired to help ellvator graduation rates taaesshome $233,000 in pay. %-4 percent graduation rate. >> no, it is not an acceptable number. we should be much higher. >> a request for an interview3 with university system chancellor william kirwin wasú denied. so we showed the graduation data to dr. john wolf. the associate vice chancellor for academic affairs for the university system of maryland. >> yes, thhy are of concern. in terms of the things that need to be done at each institutiin, %-admitted, to beesuccessful in attaining their degree. >> but coppin's graduation rate rivals those of other niversity -ystem schools. at the university of maryland eastern shore..3 15 percent of sttdents graduate in four years. 27 percent in five years. and 32 percent in six years. and this year, its president dr. wolf said although the nummers appear low, progress is being made. >> each institution has worked to define where the weaknesses are among their specific studen3 population, and put ii place programs to help address theú needs of those particular student popul
define me as some sort of nut. i don't think is he a nut. is he a avery arrogant. i don't respond well to that michael moore hasn't been on for years but ms. reiman selected this one. >> i would sacrifice myself, i'm not talking for any children, to remove the taliban. would you? >> um-huh. >> bill: would you? that's my next question. >> no. >> bill: would you sacrifice yourself to remove the children. >> i wouldn't sacrifice my life to track down the people who killed 3,000 people on our soil. >> bill: given refuge by the taliban. >> we didn't go after them did, we. >> bill: we removed the taliban. >> all of them? that's why the taliban are still killing our soldiers here. >> bill: moore, you can't kill everybody, come on. >> bill: i'm going to dispute this with you. i wasn't contemptuous. >> you were condescending. >> bill: in what way? >> when you first start speaking to him. contempt isn't just body language. it's also with the words you use. you were condescending as you spoke to him. then if you watch your face. >> bill: give me an example. what words did i use that were con dess
it down a little bit with these examples in the 1950s, olsonilln did avery fams experiment, a series of experiments in which they put small wires into the brains of little rats and rats would push a lever to produce a dournt their brain. the current is so weak you wouldn't sense it even as a tickle on your skin. and the rats would press a lever over and over and over again to just have that electrical stimulus inside their brain. not just anywhere, it was in particular parts of the brain where you have to do that. and then the rats... it was so strong the kind of approach behavior and the behavior generating power of the stimulus they would stop eating, they would stop drinking, they would stop having sex. they would basically die. actually, they would die if you would let them go on and stimulate. they wouldn't eat. >> rose: so the pleasure was so great they would sacrifice everything. >> more pleasurable than anything else. a remarkable set of experiments. >> amazing. absolutely amazing. that's it. >> just as an aside, peter millner who together with olds is the husband renda mille
if it ever came to that. some future owner, for example, wanted to convert it. secretary avery: the motion on the floor is to have the project continue to work with staff to incorporate the design features that the commission has offered. on that motion, commissioner apt ant. >> aye. >> commissioner moore. >> no. >> commissioner sugaya. >> aye. >> commissioner olague. >> no. >> commissioner miguel. >> yes. >> that motion fails on the 3-2 vote with commissioners moore and olague voting against. >> we understand -- >> commissioners, and directors, in the absence of the successful substitute motion, this project is approved as proposed. >> thank you. commissioners, you are now on item number 8. that is also pulled from the consent calendar. 2010.0607c for 445-447 suter street. >> i'm rick crawford of department staff and i have a brief presentation prepared to make, but in the ability to move things along more quickly, i would ask commissioner moore to question and address that satisfactory. >> i received a letter about three weeks ago of a particular individual, i don't have his name in fron
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)